Pizza so Italian, it needs a translator.

Or: Good Day


At V Pizza, we make authentic pizza Napoletana, sourced from the highest quality ingredients. It has crispy edges and a softer center, so eating it with your hands can get messy. Try eating it with a knife and fork instead of in slices, the way they do in Naples.

Keep in mind our food is meant to be shared, just like the Italians do. If your food comes out before someone else’s, offer them a bite of yours! 

We have no microwaves, range tops or heat warmers because we cook everything in our imported Italian brick ovens. They are truly the most important ingredient in our pizza. But of course, the sauce from San Marzano tomatoes, bufala mozzarella and Prosciutto di Parma are delicious too.

Everything is delivered hot and fresh directly to your table. Buon Appetito!

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Margherita Classico

Don’t Bring Home Our Pizza Unless You’ve Got the Stones to Do it Right.

Because our dough has ZERO artificial ingredients, our pizza must be eaten right out of our oven for true authentic flavor. If you plan on bringing one home, we strongly suggest (like really, really strongly) you purchase one of our pizza stones. They’re only $20 and last forever. And, it’s the best way to recreate that same V Pizza flavor at home.

Here’s how:

  1. Place the stone in your oven and crank it as high as it goes.
  2. Put your pizza on the HOT stone for 60 seconds.
  3. And boom! You’re back in Naples eating pizza the way it was intended. Molto Bene!

Pizza Stones: $20 at Select Locations

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