The Ovens

The most important ingredient in our pizza? The clay.

We only use our wood-fired brick ovens at V Pizza restaurants to cook everything you eat.

You heard us right. There are no microwaves and no fryers. We don’t even have a stove.

We believe the most important part of delivering a TRULY authentic Neapolitan pizza is the oven. Our search for the best of the best led us to Stefano Ferrera in Naples, Italy, where he and his family have been making clay ovens for hundreds of years. Within three months, our first three ovens, named Felice, Amore and San Marco, were bound for Jacksonville. To this day, each of our ovens are one-of-a-kind, designed especially for each of our V locations.

These amazing ovens are made of the finest clay bricks strong enough to reach 900 degrees to finish your pizza in about 90 seconds! The high temperature causes the dough to become crispy—in fact, some Italians demand it to be “burnt”—and sears the ingredients used to top the pizza. The finished product is a perfectly crispy, tender, and fragrant pizza.